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Defensive Driving Video Texas

Texas Defensive Driving
Its More Entertaining On DVD
  • Dismiss a Traffic Ticket While Watching TV
  • The Most Convenient way to take Defensive Driving Course
  • Much More Entertaining Than Online Lessons or Classroom Lectures
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Texas Defensive Driving DVD Course

No Lessons to Read No Classes to Attend

Our Defensive Driving Video Texas Course has been designed to make passing your court required course as easy as possible.

  • It’s Fast. It’s Entertaining. And best of all – it’s a VIDEO!
  • Just sit back relax and watch the course.
  • It's approved by the state of Texas to dismiss your ticket or reduce your insurance rates.

Want to make sure this course is right for you?

Take a look at our video before you make your decision.

Yes, It Really Is That Much More Convenient

Our Texas Defensive Driving Video Course is perhaps the easiest, most relaxed way to pass your required Texas ticket dismissal or insurance reduction course.

  • The 6-hour course length is the minimum allowed by law
  • You only need the computer to take the multiple-choice chapter quizzes


How's that for easy?

Fast Facts About Your DVD

Is This Course Approved for Ticket Dismissal?

Yes. Our DVD course is approved throughout Texas for both Ticket Dismissal, Insurance Reduction and the only approved online Seat Belt Course. Register Your DVD or let us Send You A DVD to begin.

How Long Is The Course?

Our 4-hour course is the quickest allowed by the State of Texas. And because you are in charge of when, where and how you take the DVD course, it seems to go even faster. LEARN MORE

Once I Get My DVD, What Do I Do Next?

Registration is easy. Click on the Register Your DVD button, fill out the registration forms and you’re ready to start the DVD course.


How Do I Get My Certificate?

Complete the course by 3 PM (Central Time) Time and we’ll send your Certificate out that day. And, depending on your court, we can electronically submit it to your court for you.


What Do I Need To Take This Course?

All you need is a computer with Internet access, a DVD player, and a TV. That’s it! Want to learn more? Click Here.

Need It Faster?

Let's face it, sometimes there is a need
for speed.

We can have a copy of our Texas Defensive Driving DVD course sent right to your door as soon as the next business day. And we also offer the most economical delivery options for your Certificate of Completion.
(Additional rates may apply.) Learn more


Did You Wait Until The Last Minute?
No worries! You can also rent our Texas Defensive Driving DVD course at your local video store. Enter Zip to find store.


Learn More About Our Texas TakeHome Course
Go With The Leader in DVD Traffic School

I Drive Safely's TakeHome Defensive Driving Video Texas is the most unique course of it’s kind. Designed by professional instructors, animators, and filmmakers, our course features an entertaining yet educational way of completing your required Defensive Driving requirement.

Start and Stop as Often As You Like

Unlike classroom courses, our Defensive Driving DVD gives you the flexibility to spread the lessons out over a period of time. You can do a chapter in the afternoon, take a break and start up again in the evening. And since it’s a DVD, finding the spot where you last left off is easy…simply fast forward through the lesson.

It’s More Convenient Than A Classroom

Taking classroom courses requires driving to the class and wasting your weekend listening to a lecture. With our Texas Defensive Driving Video, you simply order it online, have it delivered to your doorstep, slide it into the DVD player and watch. It truly is that easy. And you can study at your own pace. An hour here, an hour there, spread out over a few days. Whatever works best for you.

Over 10 Years Of Success

Our DVD course is the same Texas Defensive Driving course found in Blockbuster. But now you have the added convenience of ordering the DVD online. Plus, no rental fees or penalties for late returns. But if you prefer to still get the Blockbuster Defensive Driving Course in Texas stores, you can. We simply recommend that you please call your local Blockbuster first to see if they carry our Texas Defensive Driving DVD.