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Nevada DVD Traffic School Course

Nevada DVD Defensive Driving Course

Nevada Traffic School Video Course


Here's The Nitty Gritty
  • Nevada Approved 5-Hour Course
  • For Court Point Reduction & DMV Point Reduction
  • Completion Certificate Processed Immediately

And all you do is watch a video!

You'll Pass No Problem

  • Just Watch 6 Entertaining Chapters
  • Take Short Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  • Finish an easy Final Exam by 70%
  • And You Pass!

NV Approved Course

This 5-Hour State-Approved Nevada DVD Traffic School course fulfills your Nevada mandated Defensive Driving obligation.

Watch it From Your Favorite Seat in The House

Let's face it, if you have to take a 5-hour course, you should be comfortable doing it, right?

Start and Stop the Course Whenever You Like

You have the luxury of completing our course at your own leisure. Do a chapter now, do the rest later, it doesn't matter! We'll save your place as many times as needed.

No Notary Required

Many courses require you to complete the Nevada DVD Traffic School Course at an approved Notary Testing Center. Not us. Take our exams entirely online and save time and money! (Please note: in some counties, online identity verification is required. Failure of this verification could require you to visit a notary.)

Certificate Processed Immediately

We also electronically submit your completion certificate for you.

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Nevada DMV Approved
Nevada DVD Traffic School

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  • Meets The 5 Hour State Requirement
  • Approved to Both DMV and Court Point Reduction
  • Easy To Take, Easy To Pass
  • Money Back Guarantee

We offer the lowest priced DVD and Certificate of Completion delivery options in the business.

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Go With the Leader in Traffic Schools

I Drive Safely's TakeHome Nevada Traffic School Video is the most fabulous course you'll find. Designed by pro filmmakers, animators, and instructors, our course features an entertaining, educational way of fulfilling your Traffic School requirement.

Start and Stop as Often As You Like

Our TakeHome Nevada Traffic School Video provides the flexibility to study the lessons at your own pace. Do a chapter during breakfast, take a break and resume a lunch time, the choice is yours. And because it's a DVD, finding your place is easy.

More Convenient Than a Classroom

Taking a boring classroom courses requires driving to the class and wasting time and gas. With our Nevada Traffic School Video, you simply order the DVD online, have the DVD delivered to your doorstep, just slide it into a DVD player and watch. It's really that easy!

Over 10 Years of Success

Our Traffic School DVD course is the same Nevada Traffic School course you might find at your local Blockbuster store. But now you can order the DVD online, with no late fees. And if you want to get the Blockbuster Traffic School Course from your local video store, you can. Please call your local Blockbuster store first to make sure they have our Nevada DVD Traffic School available.