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  • Once you get your DVD log onto this site and click the REGISTER YOUR DVD button
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  • Slip the DVD into the player then watch the course
  • You can start and stop as often as you like
  • Watch it when it's best for you, on your schedule, at your convenience
  • Log back on the website when you need to take the end of chapter quizzes

3 Get Your Certificate

  • Once you complete the course we'll handle your Certificate of Completion
  • Depending on your court and state, we'll either send it to the proper authorities or send it to you
  • We offer the lowest delivery prices in the industry

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The Most Convenient Way Yet to Driving Safety Course Video
  • Study at your own pace – with TakeHome’s DVD Traffic School / Defensive Driving courses, you are in control of when you take it and more importantly WHERE you take it (in the comfort of your own home.)
  • It’s more relaxing – classrooms are stiff and awkward. Online is cold and impersonal. But TakeHome’s Driving Safety Course Video is entertaining and easy to do. Simply pop in the DVD and watch.
  • More convenient – you can watch our Defensive Driving DVD course whenever you have spare time. There’s no time restraints or schedules to meet.
  • It’s on the Big Screen – if you’re like most people, staring at a computer screen is not your idea of fun. But with our DVD Traffic School / Defensive Driving course, you simply kick back and watch TV.
Over 10 Years of Success Delivered Right To Your Door

Our TakeHome DVD is the same Defensive Driving you’ll find at Blockbuster. And if you look for it, you’ll find the Blockbuster Defensive Driving Video Course is still available for rent. But with the new online purchase availability, you no longer have to call around to find which store carries our Blockbuster Defensive Driving Course Video, you can simply order it online. No rental fees. No driving around asking for Blockbuster Defensive Driving Course, no late fees for not returning it on time. One low price and you’re done.