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Traffic School Video

Traffic School Defensive Driving
Is Better On DVD

  • Watch It On The Big Screen
  • For Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Reduction
  • Don’t Be Bored Be Entertained
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Approved Course
Traffic School Video

DVD Defensive Driving

Driver Safety Video Course

Why Video Is Better

This course has been developed to give you the most user-friendly experience possible.

  • It's more like watching a movie; less like taking a test
  • You only need to log onto the computer to take your quizzes
  • There's no lessons to read, no lectures to listen to

Remember, there are other traffic school options out there but none are as simple to do, easy to take and fun to watch as I Drive Safely’s approved DVD courses.

Want to make sure this course is right for you?

Take it for a test drive before you make your decision.

Big Screen Vs Computer

Is there really a choice?

Why stare at a computer screen when you could be relaxing in front of your 42” Flat Screen? Our DVD course makes learning a lot more leisurely. Just pop in the DVD, sit back and enjoy. Then take your quizzes and final exam online and you’re done. It’s that easy. Plus, our course meets all your state’s requirements for dismissing your ticket, removing points from your driver record and/or lowering your auto insurance premiums. It’s a no brainer. Do it on DVD. You’ll be glad you did.

Fast Facts About Your DVD

Is This Course Approved in My State?
This course is approved in Texas.
Once I Get My DVD, What Do I Do Next?

Registration is easy. Click on the Register button, fill out the forms and you're ready to start the course.


How Long Will It Take to Complete?

Our course is the quickest allowed by law. For specific details about the pricing, delivery options and course information in your state, CLICK HERE.

How Do I Get My Certificate?

The moment you finish your final exam, we start processing your certificate. Complete the course by 3 PM (Central Time) and we’ll have your Certificate sent out that day. And in some case, we can even e-mail it to you. LEARN MORE

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Prices vary by state. Please select your state to learn pricing information.


Need It Faster?

Let's face it, sometimes there is a need
for speed.

We can have a copy of our DVD delivered to your door as soon as the next business day.
(Additional rates may apply.) Learn more


Did You Wait Until The Last Minute?
No worries! It happens to the best of us. You can also rent our DVD at your local video store today. Enter Zip to find store.


Learn more about Take Home
The Benefits of our TakeHome Traffic School/Defensive Driving Video Course

I Drive Safely’s TakeHome Traffic School/Defensive Driving Video course is designed to give you the maximum in convenience while meeting all your required court and state obligations. We’re created a course that’s both entertaining and educational which makes it much easier to complete.

DVD vs Online vs Classroom Alternatives

With classroom you have to driver to school then spend 4 to 6 hours listening to a lecture. Online is better, but reading lessons on a computer screen can sometimes be a strain. But with our DVD Traffic School Video Course, you simply relax and watch.

Designed To Be Like Watching A Movie

We produced many, many different instructional videos and have determined that the best, most enjoyable way to take a Defensive Driving Video course is through a skillful blend of animations and videos. Our main character, Dash, delivers a pleasant and enjoyable “performance” that, while it may not win an Academy Award, is certainly better that listening to a teacher drone on and on in a classroom lecture.

  • Just slip in the DVD
  • Relax in your favorite chair
  • Grab a soda and a bowl of popcorn
  • And Enjoy
Approved Throughout The US

TakeHome DVD Traffic School / Defensive Driving courses are approved in the following states:

We are soon to be approved in other states so check back soon for your state.

Buy It Online, Watch It At Home

Purchasing your TakeHome Traffic School / Defensive Driving Course is simple and easy to do.

  • Click on the Get A DVD button and go to the registration page
  • Fill out the easy to complete registration form and pay for the DVD Course
  • Once you get the DVD, come back to this website and register for the course (no charge needed, you’ve already paid for the course)
  • Watch the 6 chapters, taking 5 multiple choice quizzes and if required the final exam online
  • We’ll immediately process your Certificate of Completion and send it out ASAP.
Please Note:

For those who prefer to rent our DVD, it is available at select Blockbuster stores. Call your local Blockbuster store and ask for Blockbuster Defensive Driving DVD or Blockbuster Video Defensive Driving to see if it is available. You will need to pay a $10 rental fee and will be required to complete the course within Blockbuster’s timeframe. Cost of the actual course will be reduced by $10.